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Thanasis Polychronakis Hello, we are Thanasis and Dimitri, we are both seasoned developers, each a domain expert at their respective field. We have both founded our own startups and know what it means to be in the startup grind looking for answers and advice.

Dimitri James Tsiflitzis

We started the Listen Ship Repeat podcast because we saw a lack of understanding and appreciation for the challenges posed on the actual "building" part of a Startup. Having 20+ years of experience, each, working with startups, we are starting to see patterns and specific paths that can be followed on each occasion, stage and situation a startup finds itself.

In each episode we select a big challenge every startup will or has faced at some point and dive deep into it, providing simple digestible advice on how to navigate through these treacherous waters.

Learn more about Thanasis at his personal website, find Dimitri on Twitter.